martes, agosto 30, 2005

A few words on love

I believe that it is necessary to understand that love is, in many ways, like shit. The first point of comparison between love and shit is that love, like shit, happens.

There is at least one important implication of this that shows the a priori non-evident correlation between shit and love, which is that if you go around intently searching for it, you will certainly succeed in avoiding it completely.

Conversely, our first statement tells us that if you wander around with no intent whatsoever for a sufficient amount of time, you will either meet love, or shit. (1)

Now this raises a problem, because although there's not one of us who would regret actually finding love, most of us would be quite pissed off upon finding that the conclusion of our long, intent-less wandering is shit.

Further more, the sharpest readers will have noticed in (1), that a 'sufficient amount of time' could very easily be much greater than the whole length of our lives, or any arbitrary number for that matter.

Now this could result disappointing to some, but is not much less than you get to expect after a sufficient amount of time! (which also follows from the above.)

This is not all; I could go on enumerating more similarities but from here they start getting messier, so I will leave it as a healthy exercise for the reader to get them out.


At 8:25 p. m. ART, Blogger Brayanus Muchus (corruptus in extremis) said...

de su autoria? sorprendentemente sorprendente debo decir.. es impresionante como las ideas a veces requieren de cierto idioma para ser expresadas correctamente, como en ese libro de stephen king el pendejo lee perro al revez y dice dios, cosa que yo no podria hacer en mi lengua natal (god dog)

(stephen king o es un autor de mi agrado pero lo tenia a mano)


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